Travel Diary: Art in Island


My friend A. and I made a pact that we’ll be each other’s date on Valentine’s Day (or the nearest weekend to it) – at least while we’re still single.  We had a successful “out of town” date last time and we hoped that we could replicate it this year but our overwhelming work commitments have prevented us from planning our date beforehand. Still, we didn’t want to pass up the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day and catch up with each other while indulging in a bit of fun. With only a few days left before the big day, I confided to another office mate about my dilemma and he suggested Art in Island, an interactive 3-D art museum located in Cubao, Quezon City. I have always wanted to go there because I love looking at optical illusions and taking silly pictures of myself. However, it is a place best explored with a companion and I haven’t found anybody willing to go along on a spontaneous trip… until now, that is. Thankfully, A. was very enthusiastic about the whole thing so we went there last February 12, the Sunday nearest to Valentine’s Day, to experience what it’s like to be “part of art.”










We had a blast posing with the trick artworks that filled every expanse of the walls inside the museum. With the right positioning, the paintings come alive before your eyes. I felt like a kid again browsing through pictures of optical illusions except, this time, I get to be in it.

The museum is divided into various themed sections for visitors to enjoy. My favorite section was the one filled with reimagined classic paintings. I loved the humorous (sometimes bordering on naughty) and playful touch that the Korean master painters included in the versions they made.






And the best part is I didn’t have to get embarrassed for doing ridiculous poses because everybody is doing the same. In fact, the museum encourages its guest to be as creative and as wacky as possible. There are sample pictures beside the paintings and photo points on the floor to guide visitors in creating their own snapshots.




A86144A0-349A-4993-BB6C-426BE45634CB AAAA7311-5AC2-484C-8BEA-E7F29985070D





It’s really amazing how so much fun can be derived from such a simple concept as seen in Art in Island. And sometimes the best adventures need not be somewhere far away; it could be right where you are. Who you share it with is what makes it worthwhile.

Travel Notes:

  • The whole tour of the museum can be completed in about 2 hours. This may take longer depending on the number of guests on the day of your visit and how many you are in your group (especially if each one of you would like a solo picture w/ the artworks)
  • Museum hours are from Tuesdays to Sundays 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. It’s better if you come in early, especially on a weekend. A. and I went in at 10:00 am and when we got out of the museum at around lunchtime, there was already a long queue at the ticket booth and at the museum entrance. I think the management also limits the number of visitors inside the building at any given hour to make sure everyone gets enough time to interact with the 3-D paintings.


  • Shoes are not allowed inside the museum proper. It’s better if you wear socks to avoid your feet from getting dirty. You can claim your shoes at the exit.
  • Tripods are also not allowed inside. In our case, we just asked our fellow guests to take pictures of us together, and in return, we also take pictures of their group. It’s a win-win arrangement.


  • Be considerate. Don’t linger too long in an artwork especially if you know that there are a lot of people waiting in line to take pictures there too. Also, check first if someone’s taking a snapshot of the area so you can avoid getting in their way.
  • Bring a power bank if you’re using your mobile phone to take pictures. My phone’s battery almost ran out; good thing A. brought hers and she let me borrow it.


  • There’s a cafe by the exit where you can recharge after several hours of walking around, doing silly poses, and making faces. (Modeling is hard work!)
  • Entrance fee is P500 for walk-in customers and P400 for students, PWDs, and senior citizens. Make sure to bring your ID so you can avail the discounted rate.

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