Book 2 of 2017: Money by Martin Amis


“What did I get myself into?”

It has been a month since I have finished reading Money (A Suicide Note) by Martin Amis and this is still the first reaction that comes to mind whenever I think of that book. I am still reeling from the after-effects of immersing in such a wild rollercoaster ride of a novel, much like having those terrible hangovers that Money‘s “protagonist,” John Self, regularly suffers from. Honestly, this hasn’t been an easy read at all for me. It comes as a terrible shock, especially coming from such an uncomplicated book like Unholy Night. There were many times I had to put it down and get away from it to breathe some fresh air. That is why it took me such a long time to finish it and why I consider it an achievement that I was able to pull this off. Yet in spite of its difficulty and all the distasteful things occurring within its pages, I have come to appreciate its brilliance: the author’s mastery of language, the brutal yet honest depiction of life in the fast lane and the dark humor that makes everything a little bit more bearable. I have no doubts why Money is considered a modern classic.

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